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Healthwise Holistic

For Your Good Health, Naturally.

Every Body Has A Story

Every body has a story. At Healthwise Holistic, we work with you to get the root of your concerns.

Meet Healthwise Holisitic

JR Carmany is Healthwise Holistic. For over 40 years JR has been helping folks with nutrition education in the natural food industry. The co-owner of Soup to Nuts, the first health food store in the Fox Valley, JR has helped thousands of people find their footing so they can lead a more healthy and informed life.

JR studied traditional naturopathic medicine at Midwest University. Her years of holistic training included therapeutic herbalism, homeopathy, holistic nutrition, reflexology, clinical iridology, manual lymphatic drainage, traditional shamanic healing, and reiki.

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Healthwise Holistic

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